Versatile Blogging

Blogging awards, in the words of Kari Andrews, are ‘fake awards passed around by bloggers to make us feel better about ourselves’. I was given one a few weeks ago by Danielle Harris called ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award (thanks Danielle!), and even though it’s not the world’s most prestigious accolade, it’s always nice to know people are enjoying what you write.

Anyway, now I have to write a post about it. No, really, I HAVE to. I’m also meant to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers, but I’m only gonna pass it on to one. But that’s allowed for two reasons: 1) because I said so – my blog, my rules! – and 2) because the blog in question is a very good one.

So I’m gonna give this award to the Two Mackies! I love reading their challenging, relevant and enjoyable reflections on the Bible, the latest adventures of their incredibly cute one year-old son, and glimpses of everyday life in ‘Mackie Land’; there’s so much variety in there that I reckon they truly deserve to be called ‘Versatile Bloggers’. The only problem is that they’re on Tumblr rather than WordPress, meaning this award doesn’t officially count, but who cares? Their blog’s well good, so the WordPress boffins are just gonna have to deal with it!

I also have to tell you 7 random facts about myself, so here they are…

1. If I were to sit down and listen to my iTunes library in its entirity, it’d take me 2.9 days to get through all 964 songs.

2. I’m allergic to nuts, but not peanuts.

3. I’d much prefer a nice cuppa tea to a pint.

4. I can’t remember much from GCSE German, but one phrase that sticks in my mind is ‘im Moment müss ich viel üben, um güte Noten in meinen Prüfungen zu bekommen’, roughly translated as ‘at the moment I must revise loads, so I get good marks in my exams’.

5. I can improvise on the keyboard until the cows come home, but if the sustain pedal breaks then it’s game over.

6. I recently found Shakespeare’s complete works in a charity shop on sale for £1, which is preeetty handy seeing as I’ll be doing a module next year JUST on Shakespeare – epic win!

7. I’ve spent far too long trying to think of interesting things about myself and now it’s time for sleep.


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