Embracing the mundane

After 18 years of experience, I can safely say that life’s got its fair share of dull moments. Homework, coursework, paperwork, housework; whatever stage of life you’re at, there’ll always be mundane things that you just have to do, whether you like it or not.

What’s not so inevitable, though, is letting yourself get overwhelmed by them. For instance, too often last year I felt swamped with uni work, but instead of getting stuck in to it I’d sit there like a lemon and think of the huuuge list of things I had to do, ending up with none of them getting done, or stare blankly at the computer screen and hope my essay would write itself, which, funnily enough, it never did. What I should do is just get on with it and take each little task at a time: it’ll be over ten times more quickly, and I won’t sound like a miserable old cabbage moaning about it! Not only will I feel less under pressure and a greater sense of freedom, but this positive mindset will inevitably permeate into everything else I do, enriching other areas of my life too. And with my head no longer crammed full of stuff, I’ll be able to hear God’s voice more clearly – what a great incentive!

Perhaps not all everyday situations are as dull as they might seem, either. If you see every conversation as a chance to build a friendship, try to enjoy every shift at work rather than moaning about it, or appreciate every TV dinner with the family rather than taking them for granted, then you’ll begin to see life in a whole new way. And knowing God can do amazing things through me even in the everyday situations I find myself in should give me extra motivation to make the most of the opportunities He gives me. It’s a privilege that He wants to use us for His glory, and I should remember that.

Ultimately, ploughing through the seemingly boring bits in life makes more time for the exciting parts, and life is definitely exciting – each one of us has so much potential to do brilliant things! Life’s a big adventure with lots of amazing possibilities, and while that’s definitely worth getting excited about, we should also embrace life in all its fullness, even the apparently dull things, and find beauty in the mundane.


One thought on “Embracing the mundane

  1. There is an old saying……….”how do you eat an elephant?”………..answer: “in pieces”…in other words when you have zillions of things that need doing and it all feels so overwhelming that it is more likely to send you to your bed to sleep and hope that when you wake it has all gone away the best thing to do is break it all down into smaller “to do” chunks and then make the top three of those chunks your priority “to do”.

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