Prose Corner #1 – ‘Sleepy Defiance’

Dozing in and out of consciousness, he lay prostrate on his small single bed in his small room, the subject of conflicting impulses. He knew he must get up, but in a dazed rebellion he resisted with every fibre of his being. Serene piano melodies danced elusively around him, and vague thoughts of Shakespeare, Dickens, and Gissing attempted in vain to rouse him from his slumber. The blond-haired, blue-eyed boy knew he must leave this childish defiance behind, but at this precise moment he longed to pause, to briefly step outside of time and simply be. This temporary stasis must come to an end soon, he was under no illusions there, but if he could only prolong it…

Suddenly, the young man seizes control. Leaping from the bed, he sits at his desk, the grainy wooden surface barely visible beneath a flood of tea-stained scraps of paper and a myriad of coloured pens. He begins to write. The piano melodies blend harmoniously with the frantic scribbling on the coarse A4 sheet, and the loud shouts from the corridor become indistinct murmurings that cannot detain him now. His deep blue eyes are alive once more: no longer are they glazed and fatigued, they convey fire, power, determination. Larger battles lurked ahead, but he had at least emerged victorious here, and he knew the power within him would be sufficient for the journey. As he continued to write, he marvelled afresh at Shakespeare’s intellect and literary skill, but something greater – someone greater – was motivating him again. He had defeated his lethargy, progress had been made: revision had begun.


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