There isn’t a word to describe how challenging teaching is. The workload is incredible, the pressure is intense, and the brightness of the spotlight which always stays on you is almost blinding. I was reading about Noah and the flood in the Bible this week and I felt a bit like I was drowning, submerged by the floodwaters of relentless planning and marking. But when I thought about it a bit more, there were some other things in the passage that have really encouraged me:

– Even though there are soooo many people in the world, God sees the individual and loves them so much!

– When the floodwaters rise, God protects those who are faithful to Him and doesn’t let them get submerged.

– Even during the flood, God’s promises are as true as they were before.

– God uses hardship to refine and bring about something better.

– The floodwaters will eventually go down!

Noah had to live by faith and obey for a loooong time before he saw any rain. This week has been so difficult, and I’ve had to keep going and have faith in myself and in God’s plan for my life even when I wasn’t seeing any fruit. Today was a really good day, though, and I’m thankful for that. However, I need to remember to keep positive and keep living by faith even when it’s tough; I need to remember that God loves me SO MUCH, that He is protecting me and won’t let me drown, and that His plan for my life is still the best.